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I just saw today that [ profile] white_serpent had uploaded two of their fabulous Drarry stories to AO3:

favicon Take These Lies ( R | 34,600 )
    Repeatedly rejected by the Auror training programme, Draco Malfoy attempts an unorthodox method of gaining admission.
    Originally written for 2010 [ profile] hd_fan_fair fest. Note: contains genderswap and dubious consent, both of which were requested in the prompt.

favicon You Can Have My Everything ( NC-17 | 8,000 )
    Sometimes it takes a little pain to break through the apathy. General warnings: Rough sex/BDSM, Angst (and lots of it), 1st person/present tense.
    Originally written for the 2011 [ profile] dracotops_harry fest.

I've recced both of these before, on my "Best of 2010" and "Best of 2011" lists, as well as my Identity Unknown rec list.

I'm always so happy when fandom classics get uploaded to AO3! If you haven't read these before, now would be a perfect opportunity to do so. If you have, then go leave kudos and comments in encouragement :)
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I thought I'd finish up rectober with a set of my favorite fics involving time travel, in keeping with the amazing favicon Tea and No Sympathy which I recced yesterday.

(I'm going to be posting a rectober wrap-up post in just a little bit too.)

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What if it's not all hearts and flowers after Harry and Draco finally get together? (No! Say it isn't so!) In real life, certainly, most relationships suffer ups and downs through the years, and in some cases the downs can break you apart.

While I admit that I generally prefer to read about how these characters get together in the first place (yes, I know, I am such a sap!), these fics do a wonderful job exploring what might come after. And it's often the case that in so doing we get to explore a more nuanced, mature version of love than what we see in the early stages. And that's not a bad thing :)

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First times are some my favorite parts of fanfic, because there is so much emotion that can be caught up in that moment and it can reveal so much about how these characters feel about each other. And lucky for us, there is a plethora of amazing fanfic written which explores all the many possibilities for Harry and Draco's first time.

The possibilities illustrated in these fics are really quite varied. Some first times take place during Hogwarts, some afterwards, some fics start with them already in a relationship and some don't, and a variety of acts are considered 'first time sex' - it doesn't always have to be full penetration.

But I did have some requirements to narrow this set down to a reasonable size!

These fics all feature:

  • A first time that is earnest and meaningful for both of them (so no hate sex, or sex pollen, or PWP)
  • Both boys as virgins
  • Appropriate amounts of awkwardness/fumbling/cluelessness/trying to figure things out (no instant sex gods here!)

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It took me a while to appreciate Mpreg as a trope, and I still don't seek it out regularly. But some authors do such a great job with it that I can't help but love their fics.

I've mentioned before that my very favorite Mpreg fic is favicon You First, Loser by [ profile] zeitgeistic, but since I put that fic in my Humorous Fics rec list, I won't be re-reccing it here. More's the pity - if you haven't read that one, make sure you do!

The Mpreg fics on this list are a lot angstier than that fic anyway, so I guess it would have been out of place here :)

Draco seems to get pregnant much more often than Harry in fanfic (as I've also discussed before, with stats!) which you'll notice in the division of the two sets of fics below. Note: This list is far from exhaustive, but I was trying to keep it to a reasonable length and variety. I guess I will have to do another Mpreg rec list someday!


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Another all-time-favorite trope of mine is characters being forced to tell the truth. Awkward confessions and embarrassment FTW! In the world of HP, this is usually accomplished through the use of veritaserum, though sometimes we get unusual curses instead. It's all good :)

Great fics in which either Harry or Draco (or both!) are compelled to tell the truth below.

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Truth-telling Curses
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Guys...I'm having a bit of a hard time trying to divide up all my favorite stories into rec lists! I'm trying not to make every list about 8th year AND I'm trying to avoid to creating enormous rec posts with 20+ fics! But I seriously have a list of over a hundred 8th year fics I love, and I'm not going to be able to fit them all in by the end :(

For what it's worth, I am also trying not to repeat fics during rectober, so that means trying to place each fic on just one list each, even though some fics could easily fit into two or more. Case in point, [ profile] who_la_hoop's How to Handle an Enemy series, which could have fit in the earlier party games rec list or the upcoming veritaserum theme. But instead it's here!

And I built a whole theme around it too :) Here, then, are "awesomely smutty 8th year stories which are so good they required sequels" ♥

by [ profile] who_la_hoop

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by [ profile] treacle_tartlet

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by [ profile] fr333bird

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by [ profile] firethesound

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I did Veela fics, so now it's time for werewolves :) Werewolf fics often come with a side of Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics and knotting, so I've sorted these fics into two groups depending on how overt the ABO dynamics are. Tomorrow I'll do a set of ABO recs without the werewolves.

Fics with less overt or no ABO (usually just one of them is a werewolf)

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Fics with more overt ABO dynamics (often both of them have werewolf-like traits)

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A frequent trope is an unintentional 'bond' which brings our two characters together. There are so many kinds of bonds that a comprehensive rec list would quickly become unmanageable! So I'm limiting myself here to just those bonds which
  • are psychic or emotional in nature (not physical ropes or tethers)
  • are brought on suddenly and unexpectedly (not destined soulmates)
  • take place in eighth year (because it's my favorite :P)

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This set of recs is a little bit of a departure for me, because I'm usually all about the sex (quelle surprise!), or at the very least, the romance. But every so often you find a nice little pre-slash story, and when it's done well, it still gives you all the feels :) If only they didn't have to end so soon!

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This probably seems kinda random, but during this year's [ profile] slythindor100 Last Drabble Writer Standing tournament, I went back through some of the previous fests and read those drabbles too. So I have drabble recs for you from the first LDWS fest in 2010 :)

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As far as I can tell, none of these drabbles are available on AO3. Why not upload them for posterity?

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Party games in eighth year are a classic fandom trope, and I love them so much! The fics I'm reccing here are all short ones where the party game is the main driver of the story. There are many other longer stories which also include party games (like Right Hand Red, which I recced the other day) but those will be recced in other posts :)

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(Rectober #3)

One of my favorite themes is exploring the awkwardness after a one-night stand, or what everyone thought would be a one-night stand but now hopes will turn out to be more, if they can just get past the awkwardness of it all :) Here are a few Drarry fics that do a great job with this theme.

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For today's rectober post, I've got a wonderful set of drabbles and ficlets (under 1000 words) for you. I'm still stuck on pub dates as an organizing principle, so these are all from 2009 and 2010 :)

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2015 is the last year of the [ profile] hds_beltane fest, so I am going back through and reccing some of the best Drarry fics from all of the past nine years of the fest. I've split the recs up into four posts: 2007-2009, 2010-2011 (this post), 2012-2014, and 2015.

Note that this fest also includes Snarry, Snarco, and threesome combinations, but I'm just reccing Drarry.

favicon Sex Ed for Aurors by [ profile] curiouslyfic, R, 8,700 words (fest link)
Summary: Some things, you need to learn on the job. | Harry is dosed with a lust-potion and he desperately wants Malfoy, who is trying hard to reverse the effects and stave off Harry. When it wears off, Harry still goes after Malfoy, who realizes he wanted him anyway.
So well done. Very funny and also surprisingly very moving. Harry's thoughts while under the effects of the potion are hilarious, and Draco's flustered reactions are priceless.

The Slytherin Maypole Conspiracy by [ profile] treacle_tartlet, NC-17, 2,500 words
Summary: It’s Beltane at Hogwarts; the bonfires have been built, the May Queen chosen, and the Maypole erected (ahem), but there have been rumours circulating about a Slytherin Conspiracy to steal the Maypole. Can Harry prevent Draco and his cronies from ruining the Beltane celebrations?
Perfect amount of lighthearted fun and heat and boys figuring things out. I only would have wanted more :)

favicon The Pensieve Project by [ profile] curiouslyfic, PG-13, 7,300 words (fest link)
Summary: Of the 116 Hogwarts students who took part in the final battle, only five are officially invited to the Ministry's first annual memorial. For everyone else, there's the Pensieve Project.
Gorgeous story, feels like what should be the epilogue to the books. Draco/Harry is just a background pairing in this fic, which is more about the surprising friendship that developed between Draco and Neville at Hogwarts while Harry and friends were off Horcrux hunting, and the suffering of the student body under the Carrows. Draco is trying to find a way for everyone start to heal, and the insights we get into the past through the memories he collects are just stunning.

favicon The Door to May by [ profile] noeon, NC-17, 5,000 words (fest link)
Summary: An emotional intervention at the Beltane fires in Ottery St Catchpole occasions a fierce row between the partnered Aurors Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. Unlike their usual disputes, neither of them can walk away from this one.
There is so much emotional depth at the start of this fic - I really felt for both of them and Draco's quiet dignity in particular. And then the sex is really hot, so that's just a bonus :)

favicon Defence Mechanisms by [ profile] aquila_star, NC-17, 13,000 words (fest link)
Summary: Harry and Draco are in love. But love doesn’t sail smoothly when you’re too busy putting up walls to see that it’s in your hands. A series of episodes that, hopefully, tell their story.
Harry and Draco have been sleeping with each other for months, each sure the other wants nothing more than an easy shag, and each carefully shielding their heart from pain by convincing the other they feel nothing. So of course it all blows up. This story is told in a series of non-linear vignettes which draw you in and keep you wondering how they got where they are and how they'll ever figure it all out. It's hot and intense and totally entertaining.

Links to my rec lists from all previous hds_beltane fests. Enjoy!

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As promised, here's a mini-list of fics where Draco is hiding his identity and Harry is deceived. For some reason, I seem to like this situation better than the reverse scenario, where Harry is the one in disguise. Perhaps because somehow the process of watching Draco hide his surface identity lets the reader actually get a deeper look at who Draco really is underneath. Most of these fics are thus Draco-centric, taking the time to develop Draco's character and making you empathize with him.

(I'm calling this 'Identity Unknown' but as I mentioned last time, fanlore calls this trope 'Identity Porn' while tvtropes calls it 'Loves My Alter Ego').

Fics where Draco is in disguise and Harry is clueless:

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So you saw the amazing artwork posted to tumblr by Alekina...

credit: Alekina

...and want to read the fic it's based on, but can't because it's not based off of any existing fanfic. Well, if you just desperately want to read a fanfic where Harry helps Draco change/remove his Dark Mark then I can rec a couple of fics for you:

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Those are the two best fics I know of that involve Harry in changing Draco's Mark. If that's not enough for you, I know of two others which are decent reads as well:

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More in this series:

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What follows is a list of my picks for the best Drarry fanfiction of 2010
(16 fics, sorted by date published)

Updated May 28, 2015

Note: There are so many lists of favorite Harry/Draco fanfiction, but I wanted to do something a little different. Rather than create a list based on genre or length or era or whatever, I've decided to do a series of "best-of X year" lists. This means the year the work was published not the year I read it.

More lists:

2010 list )

General notes:

  • The "original post" column provides links to the first place I can find evidence of the work online. However, it can be really tough to determine when and where a work was first published (see my rant here: Dates Matter). So it could be that a fic was actually published earlier somewhere else and I didn't know it. Corrections are welcome.
  • I've read a lot of HD fiction, but I certainly haven't read it all, so if I've left off something you think I shouldn't have, I'm happy for you to let me know.
  • I may continue to add works to this list but I will try to keep the total number to 25 or less. (On the challenge of maintaining lists)
  • My goal is to add lists for other years as well, time permitting.

How my fic preferences will skew the lists:

  • I tend to like fics which contain explicit sex, so the list will probably skew that way. However, I prefer that there be an actual plot, not just sex, and I read PG rated fics too--just fewer of them.
  • I like almost all the standard tropes, but I don't usually go for non-magical AUs, unhappy endings, dark!fic, or threesomes
  • I don't give a toss who's on top or bottom, so you'll find both here.
  • I shy away from epic-length fanfiction unless I'm very confident in the author, so most of my recs will be less than 100,000 words.


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