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I wrote a little drabble for this year's [ profile] hd_remix fest :)

Title: favicon Bite Your Tongue
Author: [ profile] snowgall
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: R
Word count: 405
Summary: How hard can it be to cast a silencing charm?
Remix of: Bite by [ profile] oakstone730 (intended as a prequel)
Notes: Dear [ profile] oakstone730, I'm a huge fan and was delighted to be able to write a remix for you! Please excuse the short word count as this was a last minute pinch-hit :) Thanks to [ profile] vaysh for the quick beta, and to [ profile] bixgirl1 for encouraging me to write again!

[ profile] oakstone730 asked how I had found this drabble of hers which wasn't on her masterlist :)

A few years ago I was reading through [ profile] faithwood's backlist and came across Never Have I Ever on AO3. Her A/N mentioned that it had been "written for the 1 word prompt Comment Fest for the prompt shots." So me being me, I kept a record of that fest and who had written for it and noted that I had enjoyed [ profile] oakstone730's fic :)

So when I decided that she should get a remix for the 2017 [ profile] hd_remix fest too (since she had so graciously pinch-hit for us) a drabble was just what I was looking for, and I knew just where to find one!

    Concrit is welcome for this. Seriously, this is only my second fic, and I really don't mind advice on how to write better. You can send me a PM or comment below, and so long as your comments are constructive my feelings won't be hurt at all. Oh, and if I got any British-isms wrong I definitely want to know! Using language right is really important to me, so please do tell me if something is off.
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