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I so enjoyed helping mod the [ profile] hd_remix fest again this year. The [ profile] hd_remix fest is one of my favorites in the fandom - I love the idea of authors writing fanfic of other fanfic. Here are some recs from the fest:

favicon violet light by [ profile] creole_toile ( R | Art ) 1-May-2017
Summary: your star, through the scars
A remix of Every Second by [ profile] bookshop

  • This art is BEYOND stunning and hauntingly beautiful. I love the way the colors transition from one side to the other, and how the first panel has more color and "life" than the last two. Honestly, these images could be framed and put on the wall without a single change.
    (thumbnail posted to tumblr)

favicon How To Catch A Weasley (And Maybe A Potter, Too) by [ profile] bixgirl1 ( R | 7,600 ) 17-May-2017
Summary: In which Pansy has a crush and needs Draco's help, Draco has a crush but staunchly refuses to admit it, Potter might have a crush, but is as infuriating as always, and no one knows what the hell Wealsey is thinking--likely not even himself.
A remix of Meaningless by GingerTodgers

  • This was such a great remix! I definitely loved seeing the Harry/Draco side of this story, and the author perfectly wove in all the happenings in the original and showed us how they got there, and how the misunderstandings could multiply. So entertaining!
    Everything is super cute and fun, (even the summary which really sums it all up perfectly!) and we see all of the characters haplessly dancing around what they each really want. But the best part is the kiss, oh! their kiss is SO HOT. Even though the sex is offscreen, the UST absolutely sizzles.
    And the banter is top notch too :)
    (quote1 and quote2 posted to tumblr)
    (also recced at hd-storyroom)

favicon A Hot Cross Bundle of Draco Malfoy by GingerTodgers ( T | 3,100 ) 16-May-2017
Summary: Harry and Draco stopped doing whatever it was they were doing months ago. It's over and it hurts but it's fine because Luna has invited Harry over for tea and hot cross buns.
Pity she forgot to tell him who her new housemate is...

A remix of The Fabulous Baker Boys by [ profile] germankitty

  • Absolutely charming and fun! I love veritaserum fics so much, and this one had all of the embarrassment and awkward confessions that I love about it, plus terrific funny dialogue too.
    I loved so many lines, but maybe this one especially:
    “Ginny asked you to roofie a set of buns named after a religious execution for her non-denominational party?”
    (quote posted to tumblr)

favicon Sea Glass by [ profile] oakstone730 ( G | 2,400 ) 14-May-2017
Summary: When death comes unexpectedly the lives of loved ones are torn apart until the healing slowly begins.
A remix of The Secret of the Sea by [ profile] persephoneapple

  • Beautifully told and lovely. Amazing how you can feel so much emotion in just this short piece. Even though it's a story of grief, there's still a hopefulness and sense of love that pervades it. So good.
    I also really appreciated that this remix introduced me to the original story by persephoneapple which I hadn't read before, and was a great find.
    (quote posted to tumblr)

favicon Dogged by [ profile] tigersilver ( R | 5,800 ) 12-May-2017
Summary: Harry knows exactly why he freed Draco Malfoy, the problem is finding the right words to describe it.
A remix of Jailbait by [ profile] spindlerkiss

  • I enjoyed this so much! Very fun and amusingly sexy. And the author really captured the feeling of the type of scatterbrained-sex-addled thoughts a 19-year-old might have, and how they don't let themselves worry too much about consequences :)
    I especially enjoyed Harry and Draco's aborted argument about Antarctica, and how Harry gave in in part because of sexual frustration :) Seeing this all play out from Harry's side was particularly funny.
    (quote posted to tumblr)

favicon Two Things About Harry Potter by [ profile] ustorycollector ( E | 3,000 ) 4-May-2017
Summary: Draco knows two things about Harry Potter. He likes to stare at Draco, and he's got a weird thing for a piece of crumpled parchment that should be in the bin.
A remix of Map Kinks / Mischief Well Managed by [ profile] khalulu

  • This was really delightful! I love how the author created a whole story with just a series of short vignettes - I really fit the mood of Khalulu's original drabble that way.
    I think this is probably my favorite line:
    "This man defeated the darkest wizard of all time. And he’s thrown by Draco complementing his arse. He’s almost begging to be teased."
    (quote posted to tumblr)

favicon The Shape of the World Is the Shape of You In It by [ profile] megyal ( PG-13 | 3,100 ) 18-May-2017
Summary: He has dreams, and they are only small parts of a world he probably knows.
A remix of The Shape of the World by [ profile] bixgirl1

  • This remix is so in tune with the original work, and yet also adds to it in a meaningful and important way.
    I loved the dream sequences, which showed the reader how lost Harry was feeling, and how the mirror was prompting him to ask the right questions - so cool!
    This was just a really lovely glimpse into characters we all wanted to know more about and a great showcase into Harry's state of mind.
    (quote posted to tumblr)
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I wrote a little drabble for this year's [ profile] hd_remix fest :)

Title: favicon Bite Your Tongue
Author: [ profile] snowgall
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: R
Word count: 405
Summary: How hard can it be to cast a silencing charm?
Remix of: Bite by [ profile] oakstone730 (intended as a prequel)
Notes: Dear [ profile] oakstone730, I'm a huge fan and was delighted to be able to write a remix for you! Please excuse the short word count as this was a last minute pinch-hit :) Thanks to [ profile] vaysh for the quick beta, and to [ profile] bixgirl1 for encouraging me to write again!

Read more... )

    Concrit is welcome for this. Seriously, this is only my second fic, and I really don't mind advice on how to write better. You can send me a PM or comment below, and so long as your comments are constructive my feelings won't be hurt at all. Oh, and if I got any British-isms wrong I definitely want to know! Using language right is really important to me, so please do tell me if something is off.
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Sign Ups will close at the end of the day on February 10, 2017!
Note: If it is still February 10 somewhere in the world, you can still sign up :)

The Harry/Draco Remix challenge invites you to create new Drarry fanfic or art inspired by previous works by other artists and authors.

(art by upthehillart​ banner by [ profile] snowgall)

  • Assignments Sent Out: by February 15, 2017
  • Submissions due: April 16, 2017
  • Posting starts: May 1, 2017

Sign up post is here. Complete FAQ and Rules can be found here

This is a super fun fest and I'm one of the mods, so definitely think about signing up! :)
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The Harry/Draco Remix challenge invites you to create new Drarry fanfic or art inspired by previous works by other artists and authors.


(Banner art by upthehillart​)

Sign Ups will remain open through February 10, 2017!

  • Assignments Sent Out: by February 15, 2017
  • Submissions due: April 16, 2017
  • Posting starts: May 1, 2017

Sign up post is here. Complete FAQ and Rules can be found at [ profile] hd_remix

Help us promote the fest - you can reblog us on tumblr or grab the code in this box and paste to your LJ:

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The Harry/Draco Remix challenge invites you to create new Drarry fanfic or art inspired by previous works by other artists and authors.


(Banner art by upthehillart​)

Sign Ups Begin February 1, 2017!

  • Assignments Sent Out: by February 15, 2017
  • Submissions due: April 16, 2017
  • Posting starts: May 1, 2017

Complete FAQ and Rules can be found at [ profile] hd_remix

Help us promote the fest - you can reblog us on tumblr or grab the code in this box and paste to your LJ:

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This may be my last rec post for some time. But the [ profile] hd_remix fest is one of my favorites in the fandom, so I had to do one more. I love the idea of authors writing fanfic of other fanfic.

favicon The Lily, the Violet, the Tiny Babe by [ profile] khalulu ( PG | 1,300 words ) 13-Mar-2016
Summary: From beyond the Veil, she senses that her son Harry needs her – but who is that very blond baby in his arms? Learning that she is a grandmother takes Lily on an emotional journey.
A remix of The Scent of Violets by [ profile] sassy_cissa

  • This was a stunningly beautiful story. Seeing Harry through his departed mother's eyes is so unusual and unexpected, and yet I found it so very moving. Especially watching Lily work through her complex feelings of protectiveness, hurt, betrayal, and finally acceptance of Harry's relationship with Draco. There is so much depth here that I can't do it justice - you'll just have to read it. I really loved it. Fantastic remix.

extended rec at hd-storyroom

favicon The Thing About Cats and Dogs by [ profile] megyal ( PG-13 | 3,900 words ) 17-Mar-2016
Summary: A very small view into the life of Harry and Draco and a cat and a dog.
A remix of Cats and Dogs by [ profile] 8c

  • I enjoyed this so much! The wry humor in this story immediately captivated me. I loved the perfect sense of each scene - brief but fully realized - and the excellent glimpses into the complicated and delicate conversational minefields they navigate. Lovely fic with great feels - and really not so very fluffy, despite the tags :)

extended rec at hd-storyroom

favicon And Wednesday Too by [ profile] disapparater ( R | 5,600 words ) 4-Mar-2016
Summary: Draco never expected anything better than his two dead end jobs and a cramped flat, but when Harry Potter waltzes into his life, can anyone blame him for wanting a little more?
A remix of Tuesday Nights by [ profile] firethesound

  • Loved getting to see Draco's perspective for this story! The author really captured his inner conflict and insecurity masked with bravado, all while still keeping the sweet tone of the original.

favicon There Is Always the Moon by [ profile] firethesound ( PG-13 | 159,000 words ) 18-Mar-2016
Summary: Draco's life after the war is everything he wanted it to be: it's simple, and quiet, and predictable, and safe. But when a mysterious curse shatters the peace he'd worked so hard to build, there's only one person he can trust to help him. After all, Harry Potter has saved his life before. Now Draco has to believe that Potter will be able to do it one more time.
A remix of If the Sun Goes Black by [ profile] pasdexcuses

  • Holy amazeballs this fic. This fic is the most fantastic backstory to the original. It starts out strongly Draco-centric in the best way, drawing the reader into his post-war life and dedication to his work. But when something disturbing starts happening to him, the only one Draco trusts to help him is Harry Potter. Even though they've barely spoken since the war, Harry decides the best way to help Draco without raising suspicions is for them to pretend to be in a relationship (of course!) Thus we are treated to the most amazing fake-relationship story ever, where Draco is trope-savvy enough to be worried about rogue mistletoe, and they're both falling ever deeper in love. What makes it so wonderful is that we are immersed in the slow build of their relationship over the course of many months, and nothing about it feels rushed. Do note that this is a remix however, so the ending doesn't quite tie everything up as neatly as it would otherwise - it's meant to flesh out the backstory of the original.
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Are you ready? HD_remix starts posting tomorrow!

The Harry/Draco Remix Challenge Volume 8 will run for three weeks, starting Friday March 4!

Art by [ profile] 8c

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Sign-ups for Volume 8.0 of the Harry/Draco
Remix Challenge will close tonight at midnight!*

Art by [ profile] 8c. ♥

*That's midnight wherever you live. If it's still November 20 somewhere in the world, you're good :)

Sign up post

  • Sign Ups Open: 11 – 20 November 2015
  • Submissions due: 21 February 2016
  • Posting starts: 4 March 2016
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Sign-ups for Volume 8.0 of the Harry/Draco
Remix Challenge are now open!

Sign-ups will stay open until November 20.

Art by [ profile] 8c. ♥

Sign up post

  • Sign Ups Open: 11 – 20 November 2015
  • Old Format Assignments Sent Out: 25 November 2015
  • New Format Title and Permission to Remix due: 25 November 2015
  • Submissions due: 21 February 2016
  • Posting starts: 4 March 2016
  • Posting ends: when we run out of submissions

To promote: )
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The 'That Picture' flash fest at [ profile] hd_remix was such a treat that it needs two posts! My previous post contained quotes from all of the wonderful stories generated by Alekina's picture, while here I'm just going to rec my favorites :)

When Alekina first posted her amazing artwork, I was inspired to create a list of Dark Mark removal fic recs (though maybe I should have called them "Dark Mark modification fics" since the mark is not always removed!).
This can be thought of as "part 2" of that list ♥


Best fics from 'That Picture' flash fest, novella category:

favicon Unexpected Consequences by [ profile] lauren3210, NC-17, 39,200 words
Summary: Harry was going back to school. He was going to play Quidditch, sleep in lessons, hang out with his friends, and generally just enjoy being a kid for a change. And he was also going to do it while being bonded with Malfoy, because apparently life was just going to continue throwing curveballs at him. Harry didn't know why he expected anything different.
This fic has both all the feels and all the sex! My two favorite things!
The characterizations of Harry, Draco, and Hermione in this fic are so well done. We understand right away why Draco would agree to be bonded to Harry for the year, and why Harry would (reluctantly) agree to this as well.
There are so many wonderful details throughout the fic that reveal how much attention Harry and Draco had been paying to each other in previous years and why they know each other's habits and preferences so well. And there's this whole section where Draco is first musing on the rumor mill and his own feelings and wants for Harry, which was simultaneously incredibly moving and incredibly hot.
And there's so much wonderful wonderful sex in this story! But best of all, all of the sex scenes are important in terms of character development and plot. They are not merely gratuitous.
This was a wonderful, wonderful story, and I'm so, so, happy that it sprang from my prompt. But honestly, even if this hadn't been written for me, I would have loved it still. It's fantastic. (extended rec at hd-storyroom)
Dark Mark remastered: Harry takes over the control of the mark, but doesn't change it

favicon Like Diamonds We Are Cut With Our Own Dust by [ profile] raitala, NC-17, 10,914 words
Summary: Draco has borne the mark of the Dark Lord for over ten years. It is familiar to him, but he pays the price for it every day, and Harry has noticed.
This was so beautiful, and so perfect! The image she painted with her words fit the image Alekina painted with her brushes just flawlessly.
The premise here is that Harry and Draco are partnered cursebreakers. Harry comes to realize that Draco's mark is a drag on his magic and that it has been searching for a new master. Indeed, Harry can feel the pull of the mark on himself and offers to remove it. It's a question of trust: can Draco trust Harry to remove the mark without installing himself as its new master, and can Harry trust himself not to give in to temptation? I just adore Raitala's dry wit in this story. So many wonderful lines. And I'm in love with her biting, sarcastic, irreverent Draco, and her restrained yet oh-so-powerful Harry too.
Dark Mark removal: Harry decides to remove Draco's mark

favicon Where Darkness Follows by [ profile] alpha_exodus, NC-17, 12,000 words
Summary: Harry dreams of snakes and darkness, and Malfoy is always watching him.
This was a really really fascinating story and well told. I was totally sucked in and trying to figure out what was actually going on! What was the connection between Harry and Draco and why does it make Harry's head hurt? Fortunately, the revelations at the end were delicious and lovely and heart-wrenching. ♥
Dark Mark removal: Harry decides to remove Draco's mark

Best fics from 'That Picture' flash fest, single scene category:

favicon Harry Potter and the Mysterious Portrait Painter (or How Harry Came To Realise Draco Has A Magnificent Arse) by [ profile] create_serenity, PG-13, 1,600 words
Summary: No one had much minded when the pictures first started appearing; even Draco only greeted them with a raised eyebrow. Now it seemed Harry really should have given them more thought.
This was an utterly delightful scene. The dialogue was just great: absurdly meta and full of wonderful snarky banter. And I loved that Draco was fully conscious of just how devastatingly attractive he looked :) My only complaint is that the story needs a continuation! Why is Alekina painting portraits at Hogwarts, and when will Harry and Draco just give in and start snogging? The public needs to know!
Dark Mark meta humor: Draco asks Harry what he's doing to his mark

favicon The Artist by [ profile] lumosed_quill, PG-13, 1,200 words
Summary: They said a thousand Galleons would buy the best. I should have known. Nobody uses language like that unless they mean him.
Beautiful and intense and with a terrific ending. I loved the way we got into Draco's head in this scene - that Draco hadn't known it would be Harry until he saw him arrive, and that Harry had no obvious reaction to seeing that it was Draco. And the way she described how Harry touched Draco as he was removing the mark was perfect. Now that's just how I'll always picture it.
Dark Mark removal: Harry is asked to remove Draco's mark

And just to entice you further, don't forget these were all inspired by this wonderful piece of Drarry fan art:


He wants to laugh at the irony, he really does, as he lets Potter
brand his arm and override the dark mark with a new one.

credit (art and quote): Alekina

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"That Picture" Scenes

The 'That Picture' flash fest at [ profile] hd_remix has just ended and I am in awe of all the amazing stories inspired by Alekina's fantastic art:



He wants to laugh at the irony, he really does, as he lets Potter
brand his arm and override the dark mark with a new one.

credit (art and quote): Alekina


The old saying is that 'a picture is worth a thousand words', but in this case it was actually worth over 92,000 words from 11 different authors :)

I thought it would be cool to excerpt quotes from each of the fest fics of the scene which most closely resembles Alekina's picture. In order of publication:



Read more... )



Note: my previous rec list of Dark Mark removal fics were not inspired by Alekina's art, so I will be posting a new set of selected recs from this fest shortly! here.


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I always enjoy the [ profile] hd_remix fest, which has just ended. There were lots of great remixes based on lots of great original stories.

Here are my favorite fics from this year's fest:

favicon A New Path by [ profile] oakstone730, PG, 3,500 words
Summary: The Stone of Abandoned Destinies had been given to Draco in hopes that it would show him a path out of the darkness. It had saved him, and now he hoped that it would work one more time and guide him on a new path. A remix of Abandoned Destinies by [ profile] nicevenn.
I'm just so happy that the original story got a continuation, and that it worked so well. The original was from Harry's POV, and the remix is from Draco's, adding in more backstory for the stone as well as some additional romance. I loved the way you could feel Draco's tight rein on his emotions, but knew he was carrying a quiet hope that he almost couldn't trust. The backstory given to the stone - that it was something Snape had given Draco - made so much sense and made me feel heartbroken for Snape all over again. And the lovely hesitant conversation they have after class - where they're both reluctant to admit what they'd seen until the other one says something first - it all felt so in tune with the original, and added to it splendidly. (extended rec at hd-storyroom)

favicon Dirty Hobbies, Filthy Minds by [ profile] amorette, NC-17, 12,400 words
Summary: Spying on someone isn’t all bad; not when they are doing something dastardly and it’s up to Harry to stop it. It’s not his fault said person decides to get naked every time he’s up to his evil plans. A remix of Spying for Pleasure by [ profile] digthewriter which does not have to be read first for this story to make sense.
Very fun, very hot, and a great way to expand upon the original drabble. Harry's thoughts were beautifully filthy, as were Draco's actions when he *knew* Harry was watching him. And seeing them awkwardly interact and dance around their desire for each other was very entertaining.

favicon A saving-people thing by [ profile] astardanced77, G, 6,300 words
Summary: It all began with yellow roses, but it didn't end there. A remix of Always the Hero by [ profile] amorette
I just loved the sense of humor in this fic - the bit in the beginning with Draco being mistaken for 'critical artwork', the P&P references, the James Bond jokes - it was all so wonderful. And lonely!Draco + earnest!Harry is one of my favorite tropes, and their characters were drawn so well. I only wish we could have at least gotten a kiss :)

Rumours by [ profile] winterstorrm, NC-17, 2,300 words
Summary: Someone has got hold of the wrong end of the broomstick. A remix of Broomstick Talk by [ profile] lyonessheart
Another fun and hot story. I loved seeing the rumors spreading and mutating as they went - very funny and believable. And I thought Ron's reaction was just great. Harry and Draco were quite sweet together too - though Harry's a kinky bastard :)

See Me by [ profile] kedavranox, NC-17, 1,800 words
Summary: I look up, and there he is. Potter, gloriously naked, stroking his cock like he’s the only man on the planet. The cigarette falls from my lips as I freeze, mouth halfway open. My pulse quickens, thumping away in my throat, beating a deafening thud in my head. A remix of I See You by [ profile] nathalieweasley
Very well written and a great look into Draco's side of the story. His empathy for Harry is really moving, and the whole thing is just hot.
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I'm so excited!!! Somebody picked my prompt for the [ profile] hd_remix 'That Picture' flash fest. It's my first time getting a prompt picked (the first prompts I ever submitted were for smoochfest, and that fest hasn't started claiming yet, so this feels like my first prompt ever :) Sending tons of encouragement to the unknown writer ♥♥♥

And there were so many awesome prompts! If you haven't gone and claimed a prompt, go do so! You know you want to :)

Update: It was [ profile] lauren3210, and she wrote the most amazing fic - Unexpected Consequences - based on my prompt! I'm not kidding about how good it is either: forced bonding, 8th year, dark mark modification, and lots of sex! Go read!


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I wished for it, and I got it :)

Time line
21st February - Prompting is open!
25th February - Fest opens for Sign-ups
5th April - Submissions Due
9th - 15th April - All Submissions Posted at [ profile] hd_remix.

(until then, you can check out the Dark Mark removal fic recs I posted here)



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