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I wrote a little drabble for this year's [ profile] hd_remix fest :)

Title: favicon Bite Your Tongue
Author: [ profile] snowgall
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: R
Word count: 405
Summary: How hard can it be to cast a silencing charm?
Remix of: Bite by [ profile] oakstone730 (intended as a prequel)
Notes: Dear [ profile] oakstone730, I'm a huge fan and was delighted to be able to write a remix for you! Please excuse the short word count as this was a last minute pinch-hit :) Thanks to [ profile] vaysh for the quick beta, and to [ profile] bixgirl1 for encouraging me to write again!

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    Concrit is welcome for this. Seriously, this is only my second fic, and I really don't mind advice on how to write better. You can send me a PM or comment below, and so long as your comments are constructive my feelings won't be hurt at all. Oh, and if I got any British-isms wrong I definitely want to know! Using language right is really important to me, so please do tell me if something is off.
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Guys...I'm having a bit of a hard time trying to divide up all my favorite stories into rec lists! I'm trying not to make every list about 8th year AND I'm trying to avoid to creating enormous rec posts with 20+ fics! But I seriously have a list of over a hundred 8th year fics I love, and I'm not going to be able to fit them all in by the end :(

For what it's worth, I am also trying not to repeat fics during rectober, so that means trying to place each fic on just one list each, even though some fics could easily fit into two or more. Case in point, [ profile] who_la_hoop's How to Handle an Enemy series, which could have fit in the earlier party games rec list or the upcoming veritaserum theme. But instead it's here!

And I built a whole theme around it too :) Here, then, are "awesomely smutty 8th year stories which are so good they required sequels" ♥

by [ profile] who_la_hoop

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by [ profile] treacle_tartlet

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by [ profile] fr333bird

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by [ profile] firethesound

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I've done so many 8th year fic recs this month, but I haven't yet recced one of my absolute favorite 8th year fics.

This one doesn't involve any magical bonds or creatures, it doesn't rely on party games or love potions or bets or almost any other standard trope other than their simply being roommates. And as much as I adore all of those other tropes, sometimes it's nice to see the boys figure things out organically, without anything or anyone forcing them to be together :)

favicon Something I Don't Want to Stop by [ profile] traintracks
Originally published June 7, 2013 on Livejournal as part of [ profile] hd_smoochfest

Rated: NC-17
Word Count: 16,300
Summary: It's Harry and Draco's eighth year, the Houses have been all but demolished in favor of unity, and they're being forced to room together. How ever will they cope?

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Eighth year is a popular era, so I'm doing more eighth year recs :) These are all drabbles and ficlets (less than 1000 words) which nevertheless manage to deliver great scenes and images.

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A frequent trope is an unintentional 'bond' which brings our two characters together. There are so many kinds of bonds that a comprehensive rec list would quickly become unmanageable! So I'm limiting myself here to just those bonds which
  • are psychic or emotional in nature (not physical ropes or tethers)
  • are brought on suddenly and unexpectedly (not destined soulmates)
  • take place in eighth year (because it's my favorite :P)

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Party games in eighth year are a classic fandom trope, and I love them so much! The fics I'm reccing here are all short ones where the party game is the main driver of the story. There are many other longer stories which also include party games (like Right Hand Red, which I recced the other day) but those will be recced in other posts :)

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The first [ profile] hd_eighthyear fest just finished, and I was so excited to read fics from my favorite era every day! Here are my favorites from the fest.

favicon Dear Diary by [ profile] awickedmemory ( PG | 20,000 )
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favicon Two Weeks and Four Walls by [ profile] fantasyfiend09 ( R | 7,000 )
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favicon Of Infinite Longings by [ profile] lauren3210 ( R | 6,600 )
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favicon It Was Always You by [ profile] citrus_lime ( PG-13 | ART + drabble )
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On her tumblr blog, [ profile] dicta_contrion was recently asked to rec fics where the boys get together on the Hogwarts Express. She suggested two, and I added three more.

As I completely agree with her recs, and I haven't posted a themed rec list in a while, it seemed like as good an excuse as any to post one now :)

Fics where the boys have sex on the Hogwarts Express:

A Funny Thing Happened On The Train To School… by [ profile] treacle_tartlet (NC-17 | 1K) 25-Dec-2009
Summary: [no summary]
Yum! Draco just up and deciding to seduce Harry on the train. I liked that there was a sense of vulnerability and also determination. Short but great.

favicon Second Time's the Charm by [ profile] sophie_french (NC-17 | 2.5K) 10-Jul-2014
Summary: Back in sixth year, Harry had spied on Draco on their way to Hogwarts, hidden under his Invisibility Cloak. Back in sixth year, Harry had ended up with a broken nose. Now two years down the road, in a similar situation, he might very well end up with something else altogether.
Oh, this is surprisingly hot! Harry gets an eyeful and Draco doesn't mind as much as you might think he would :)

favicon Polyjuice Pastime by [ profile] dysonrules (NC-17 | 23.5K) 8-Aug-2007
Summary: The Polyjuice story that began with a bored Harry and now just won’t quit.
Super hot, and I love the dominating side of Draco (the marking/possessive stuff is very hot), even though Harry is an aggressive bottom. This is a WIP that seems to have been abandoned, but there's plenty of good stuff here anyway.

On the Hogwarts Express by Renee Spelt Strange (NC-17 | 9.3K) 7-Apr-2012
Summary: In which there is half-clothed hate-sex against a carriage window on the Hogwarts Express heading back to London. Except's not really hate that Draco's feeling.
This is a good character study of Draco and a cool scene. Well written and interesting.

favicon An Old Habit by [ profile] fireflavored (NC-17 | 9K) 30-Apr-2009
Summary: The boys have changed a lot over the summer after the war, but Harry hasn’t got over the urge to spy on Malfoy.
Nice beginning, but mostly PWP. Featuring a very experienced Harry and a Draco who's spent the summer working with dragons :)
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Figured I might as well post this link to my LJ for posterity. My first (and most likely last!) fic :)

Title: favicon All In (or on LJ)
Author: [ profile] snowgall
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 427
Summary: Draco introduces Harry to strip poker
Warnings: Unbetaed*; misuse of British-isms by an American; scanty knowledge of poker
Notes: Written for Draco's Kinks and Tropes Party July 10, 2015 for the prompt "Draco introduces Harry to strip poker" by [ profile] indyonblue

*Concrit is welcome for this. Seriously, this is a first fic and I have no delusions that it is a masterpiece or anything. I would really love to know how to get the dialogue to flow better (the way Draco talks about betting their clothes still doesn't really work for me, honestly), how to make the setting more clear, how to get their thoughts across non-clumsily, all of it, basically. You can send me a PM if you like, or comment below, and my feelings won't be hurt at all. I've already gotten more nice and sweet comments on this than I expected, so I don't need to be coddled.
Oh, and if I got any British-isms wrong I definitely want to know! Like, does it make sense for Draco to say "What I am interested in, is seeing what Harry Potter looks like under his kit" ? Is that the right way to use "kit" or did I flub it? Using language right is really important to me, so please do tell me if something is off.
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Title: favicon Draco at Nineteen (or on LJ)
Author: [ profile] birdsofshore
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~5000
Summary: It's the middle of the night and Harry Potter is sitting on my bed looking distinctly weird. I've had some fucked-up dreams in my time, but this takes the biscuit.

Oh. my. God. This was so awesome! Not only porn but so many feels! I loved it! And even though this is a Harry/Draco story, the time travel aspect manages to sneak in some cross-gen age-disparity and hotness :)

future!Harry has travelled back in time to visit Draco on the eve of his 19th birthday and reassure him that even though his life sucks right now, it's all going to get so much better. Of course, he doesn't just meet him in the hallway or something, but goes to his dormroom in the middle of the night and gets under the bedcovers with him. Because of course he does :)

Draco and Harry are not yet together yet in the past, and indeed are still glaring at each other in the Great Hall at mealtimes. So Draco is of course quite taken aback by this encounter. But also maybe a little turned on too :) And of course Harry is turned on as well, and it all goes quite a bit further than maybe Harry thought it would.

I love that future!Harry feels so guilty for possibly taking advantage of a younger Draco even though we know that future!Draco actually planned this encounter. After all, it already happened to him. But Harry doesn't seem to grasp that, the silly man.

So many great lines, especially this one:

“Fuck, Potter, did you turn up simply to remind me how crap my life is?”

And this whole exchange is golden:

“I know perfectly well that although you think I'm a stupid prat, you also secretly fancy me, and—”
“Shut the fuck up, Potter!”
“And you think about me, quite a lot in fact, and you—”
“That is a load of bullshit and lies—”
“And the reason I know all this is because you told me this yourself, shortly after we got together, and I also know that you wank over me quite frequently, and—”
I've got my wand drawn, now, and pointing at his stupid, smug face.
“And I think that's so fucking hot, Draco."

They're both so perfectly in character and the dialogue is just so revealing of who they both are.

But the sex! I can't even tell you. It's exactly what I love the most. First times! Preparation! (oh yummy yummy) Dominance! I'm just a lovely pile of goo :)

This was a birthday present for me, but I promise you, I would have loved this regardless, and you will too!
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Eighth year is probably my favorite era, so I'm very psyched about this fest! Several of my prompts have been claimed too, which makes me SUPER EXCITED! But there are still loads of awesome prompts that can be claimed, so if this era interests you at all, go have a look! Claiming closes tomorrow!

Claiming will close on Sunday, May 17th 11:59 PM GMT+7
Claiming Post
Prompt List (google doc)

Sending tons of encouragement to
the unknown writer(s)/artist(s)
who've claimed my prompts!

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I'm so excited!!! Somebody picked my prompt for the [ profile] hd_remix 'That Picture' flash fest. It's my first time getting a prompt picked (the first prompts I ever submitted were for smoochfest, and that fest hasn't started claiming yet, so this feels like my first prompt ever :) Sending tons of encouragement to the unknown writer ♥♥♥

And there were so many awesome prompts! If you haven't gone and claimed a prompt, go do so! You know you want to :)

Update: It was [ profile] lauren3210, and she wrote the most amazing fic - Unexpected Consequences - based on my prompt! I'm not kidding about how good it is either: forced bonding, 8th year, dark mark modification, and lots of sex! Go read!


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So you saw the amazing artwork posted to tumblr by Alekina...

credit: Alekina

...and want to read the fic it's based on, but can't because it's not based off of any existing fanfic. Well, if you just desperately want to read a fanfic where Harry helps Draco change/remove his Dark Mark then I can rec a couple of fics for you:

Click for recs )
Those are the two best fics I know of that involve Harry in changing Draco's Mark. If that's not enough for you, I know of two others which are decent reads as well:

Click for two more )

More in this series:

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Since I seem to be almost out of lists to make, I thought I'd do a little mini-theme list. Just a set of three ficlets that on the surface seem to tell the same story, but actually showcase just how differently the same story can be told in the hands of different authors.

What's cool is how very dissimilar each of these ficlets are, even though they all involve more-or-less the same crucial incident: that of the boys inadvertently wearing each other's tie by mistake and thus revealing their previously secret relationship to the Hogwarts student body.

Note that the second and third fics in this list were both inspired by the same tumblr gifset that went viral in July 2014.

Title Author Rated Length Pub Date
favicon Shame [ profile] faithwood NC-17 1,700 3/16/2012
Draco can handle it, as long as they do it under the cover of darkness. Broom cupboard sex. Some angst. 2nd person PoV.
favicon The Ties That Bind Us favicon dracoxlovesxharry PG 1,200 7/29/2014
In which Harry dresses a little too quickly after some alone time with his secret lover.
favicon Tie Me Up in Knots [ profile] lauren3210 NC-17 2,000 10/29/2014
“Harry, are you wearing a Slytherin tie?”


[ profile] faithwood's Shame was written earliest, and indeed pre-dates the gifset that inspired both of the two subsequent fics. Shame is also quite different from the other two fics because it is written with 2nd person POV, and its focus is entirely on Draco and his thoughts and perceptions.

As the title suggests, in Shame Draco can barely acknowledge that he and Harry have a relationship at all, and in fact they barely speak to each other. But once the switch happens, Draco ends up quietly wearing the wrong tie all day--almost defiantly.

Both Shame and favicon dracoxlovesxharry's The Ties that Bind Us are about Draco getting over his hangups. When the tie switch happens in both stories, Draco realizes it but he refrains from telling Harry or doing anything to stop it before they're caught. But that's where the similarities end.

In The Ties that Bind Us, Harry and Draco argue about going public (Harry's for it) before Draco ultimately takes advantage of the tie switch mistake to make a grand romantic gesture in the great hall. We still get primarily Draco's POV here, but it's more limited, and through his POV we also get to see a little more of Harry too. The way their relationship is portrayed makes for a sweet and endearing story.

[ profile] lauren3210's Tie Me Up in Knots is the only one of the three to have the focus be more on Harry, as well as showcasing Ron and Hermione's reactions as well. It's more humorous, and also feautures a much more confident and possessive Draco than either of the other two: he didn't know about the tie switch until Harry told him, but he clearly doesn't mind at all. This is probably the hottest version of the bunch.

I enjoyed all these fics, and could probably read another dozen on the same theme without hesitation :)

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banner by [ profile] capitu

I've been reading an unhealthy amount of HP fanfic lately, and since it's "rectober" I figured I'd rec a few over the coming weeks. I'm going to try to rec those that aren't as commonly recced if possible. Details under the cut.

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