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Yesterday I got into a lively discussion with another tumblr user on the proper interpretation of one of Bucky's lines in Captain America: The First Avenger.

The line in question goes like this:

Hell, no. That little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight, I’m following him.

The original poster thought this line was illogical, while I thought it made perfect sense.

This engendered a lot of back and forth debate!

If anyone's interested in reading it, the resulting tumblr thread is here, and my follow-up post with more technical linguistic-y discussion is here.

Where my linguists at? [ profile] khalulu ... [ profile] shiftylinguini ... [ profile] pauraque ... I'm sure I'm missing some :)
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Thanks to [ profile] frnklymrshnkly, there's new Alekina Drarry artwork to enjoy!

by Alekina

Check it out on tumblr and be sure to like and reblog!

Also give thanks to [ profile] frnklymrshnkly for commissioning it!

ETA: Here's frnkly's post about it :)
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Graph from [ profile] destntoast's recent tumblr post: 2015 A Statistical Year in Fandom:

Take-away: Our fandom is not even close to dead!

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One of the tumblr blogs I follow is running a "RomioneSmut FuckFest". I've never seen a tumblr fic fest before, so I'm very curious to see how this goes.

All the fics went live today. By design, they're all less than 2000 words, and all rated NC-17. They have 39 fics in the fest, which seems pretty good to me for that ship (though I don't follow that ship as closely as I do Drarry).

Check it out if you're curious:

I'm not sure that tumblr is really the best place for a fic fest, but maybe it's the wave of the future? I dunno! Anyone ever seen a fic fest on tumblr before?
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Reblogging everywhere because I love this:

(originally from tumblr and twitter)
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Just FYI, Alekina is now selling prints and iPhone & iPod cases of their artwork at society6.

Someone else had apparently been selling unauthorized versions of this without Alekina's knowledge, which is what prompted the decision to offer these officially now:

Read more... )

Note that they've cleaned up the image a bit and added detail to Harry's face:

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Cool, huh? I don't own an iPhone/Pad, but if I did, you can bet I'd be getting one of these :) There are framed and unframed prints available too.

(images reposted from Alekina's tumblr)
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Alekina asked me to pass along this message:

Oh! btw i've noticed some people that probably come from LJ, could you let them know that I'll send them a thank you card If they contact me at this e-mail? if it is not too much to ask tho! I want to thank everyone personally because this means a lot to me! but you know, only if you want I really don't wanna be a bother, you've done so much for me already!! THANKS AGAIN :))

You can contact Alekina at this email so they can thank you:

alekina 'dot' marlene 'at' gmail 'dot' com

(this is in reference to my previous post)

Thanks so much everybody!

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Reposting from tumblr:




I’m setting up a paypal donation button, because i’m very, very broke (yeah what a surprise) i need to pay for food and our dog is sick, anything that you guys wanna donate will actually help me out, no matter how small

I’m also opening emergency commissions again (only a few slots since I still gotta finish my current clients), i’d be 5ever thankful if you could spread this around! ♥


In case you forgot, Alekina's the artist behind these: (originals here)



A little something I got for my donation:

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My Favourite Drarry Tumblr (Meme)



What's your favourite Drarry Tumblr?

And why?
I'm here for the Drarry quotes, baby!

Tagging: [ profile] vaysh [ profile] birdsofshore [ profile] dicta_contrion

meme idea from: Vaysh
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As I'm sure is obvious, I'm totally in love with Alekina's recent Drarry art. But I think is important to point out that popular art (and fic) is good for the fandom. In this case, I even have the evidence to prove it.

My LJ blog is relatively new, and in general doesn't get a whole lot of traffic. According to Google analytics, most days I'm lucky to get more than 15 pageviews. (When I post my "Best of the Year" lists, the traffic bumps up maybe as high as 120 pageviews for a day, but that's about it.) But when I recently posted a list of "Dark Mark Removal fics" to appease the demand that came from the art, Alekina reblogged the link to tumblr. And Holy Cow. I got nearly 400 pageviews on that post in a day and a half. And it's still by far the most popular thing I ever posted.

And the point is, I recced four fics in that post, and I'm pretty sure they all benefited from it.

Only one of the four fics I recced is on AO3 (Becoming Us), so that's the only one I can easily track. It had been posted to AO3 for about 4 months (129 days) before my rec went up. In that time it had earned 87 kudos, which is an average of 0.67 kudos a day. My rec (and Alekina's tumblr boost) went up Feb 16. In the 11 days since then "Becoming Us" has earned an additional 20 kudos, for an average of 1.8 kudos per day. Basically its kudo rate tripled.

Now, maybe it would have earned those kudos anyway--it's a good story after all--but I think the timing makes it pretty clear that the boost from Alekina had something to do with it. And I like to think that the three other fics I recced also got more love and readership as well.

So maybe that's just an effect on a handful of fics, but I don't think it's limited to that. Alekina has posted to their personal blog many examples of fans writing to say that that artwork caused them to search for more Drarry fics, or get back into the fandom, or create newly inspired Drarry art, and even people who don't normally ship Drarry are into it.

So when a piece of art gets super popular it's good for everyone in the fandom. It creates new fans, jumpstarts interest in overlooked fics, inspires authors to write, and inspires artists to draw. I don't think that celebrating that means we're putting other artists down. I think it means that we're excited about our invigorated fandom and are eager for artists and writers to keep creating new works.
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So you saw the amazing artwork posted to tumblr by Alekina...

credit: Alekina

...and want to read the fic it's based on, but can't because it's not based off of any existing fanfic. Well, if you just desperately want to read a fanfic where Harry helps Draco change/remove his Dark Mark then I can rec a couple of fics for you:

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Those are the two best fics I know of that involve Harry in changing Draco's Mark. If that's not enough for you, I know of two others which are decent reads as well:

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More in this series:



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