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The [ profile] hd_owlpost fest showered us with so many lovely little fics this winter and just posted their masterlist today. So I'm taking the opportunity to rec a few fics from the fest I especially enjoyed :)

favicon Sorting Out Their Priorities by [ profile] sassy_cissa ( NC-17 | 2,600 ) 9-Jan-2017
Summary: When a foreign dignitary makes a move on Harry, Draco does whatever is necessary to stake his claim.
The best kind of PWP. You feel like you know these characters and the situation feels warranted. Plus it's hot, super hot :)

favicon Six Christmases by [ profile] thistle_verse ( R | 4,800 ) 3-Dec-2016
Summary: A year ago— even a few months ago— Harry would have heeded the note of warning in Malfoy’s voice. He would have been more careful. But care, he thought now, twisted and flowed with the change in landscape; like magic, it fed on a continual change of form.
This was incredibly lovely. So nicely told, and their character growth carefully built up over the years.

favicon Ribbons and Bows by [ profile] lauren3210 ( NC-17 | 1,600 ) 15-Dec-2016
Summary: Harry comes home from work to a prettily wrapped surprise
PWP, but done very well. Hot and lovely.

favicon Heat of the Moment by [ profile] writcraft ( NC-17 | 2,250 ) 4-Feb-2017
Summary: Harry’s never felt much like an Alpha but that all changes when Draco Malfoy turns up on his doorstep, asking Harry for help.
Hot and fun. Good ABO dynamics. Makes you wish for more :)

favicon Exposure by [ profile] kittyaugust ( PG | 910 ) 8-Jan-2017
Summary: Snow at Christmas time can be a luxuriously tempting thing.
Lovely little scene. Very sweet, and hints at so much backstory I want to know!

favicon Christmas Presents by [ profile] fantasyfiend09 ( PG | 1,600 ) 16-Dec-2016
Summary: Draco reflects on what Christmas has meant to him over the years.
This was beautifully told, and created a clear depiction of who Draco was then and who he is now. Really moving, especially the way Harry stood up for him in court. Pre-slash, with a not-yet-happy ending.
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There was an abundance of lovely fics, ficlets, and art to be had all through December as part of [ profile] hd_owlpost! I was especially lucky to get three amazing gifts this year, which I previously recced here - go read :) But other people got lovely gifts as well, and so I'm reccing my favorites of the gifts that weren't for me below :)

Fics over 4,000 words

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Fics under 2,500 words

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Jan. 22nd, 2016 03:16 am
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Wondering whatever happened to [ profile] hd_owlpost? I had a slate of recs languishing in my scheduled entries which accidentally posted just a few minutes ago (sorry about that - I had it scheduled for Jan 22 thinking that it would be safe to assume the last gifts would have posted by then). I'll wait and re-post it once I know the fest is actually over :)
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I was so excited Monday night to see that my [ profile] hd_owlpost gifts had posted! And how lucky am I? I got three amazingly awesome gifts in three different media - fic, art, and video!

Fic: New Dawn's Light by [ profile] lauren3210
Word Count: 3200
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Harry seeks a meeting with Draco after the war.

What a beautiful story! I love how well it captures the sense of the lyrics "And how can I blame you / When it's me I can't forgive?" from The Unforgiven III. When the author wrote, "There are lots of dates that they have to avoid each other for. Harry doesn’t think he’ll ever know how to change that." it was just so poignant.

I also love the idea of Before and After here. And this line:

Maybe there should be a different category for some people to fit themselves into, a group called something like, Managed To Survive a War After Watching Loads Of My Friends Die, Now What The Fuck Do I Do?

Just sums up how Harry feels so perfectly!

And then the ending is so lovely - especially how Draco says that they should have been doing this from the start. Ah, those foolish, foolish, boys :)

Art: Something Old, Something New by [ profile] awickedmemory
Medium: Digital art - comic
Rating: G
Prompt: "I've been wanting to do that since 4th year"

I love this! It's wonderfully drawn and depicts a great moment.

I think it's awesome how the artist interpreted my prompt: "I've been wanting to do that since 4th year"! I never would have thought of that myself, but it works perfectly. I enjoyed this so much!!

Video: Hold On by [ profile] knowmefirst
Music: Stay by Rhianna
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A video of Harry and Draco

Oh this is awesome! All the best Drarry moments from the 6th and 7th movies set to a terrifically moving song!

I'm so impressed by the video editing skills here and can't imagine the time it must have taken to put something like this together. I think the editor's choice to keep it all black and white helps tie it all together cohesively and matches the tone of the song.

Thanks so much to the creators of these excellent gifts - they really made my day!
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Sign-ups for [ profile] hd_owlpost Winter Holiday Fest are
still open, but will be closing on Aug 30!

holidays: winter 2015

HD-owlpost Winter Fest is an anonymous gift exchange.

Everybody can participate; we accept any kind of H/D themed gift that can be sent by Owl (i.e. posted in the community or at AO3).

Accepted gifts include fics, ficlets, drabbles, art works, story banners, manips, vids, podfics, podfic cover art, beta readings, squeeful and/or in-depth comments, meta, icons, poems, recipes, playlists, playmobile tableaux – in short, whatever you wish to create for a fellow fandomer.

Sign-ups start Wednesday, August 19 and run through Sunday, August 30. Choose an Owl and post your Wish List as a comment on the sign-up post.

Complete Rules and Fest Guide


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