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As I was looking over the anonymous masterlist for this year's [ profile] hd_erised fest, I was struck by how many veterans of the HD fandom were still creating fanworks for the fest, even as many newcomers are joining for the first time. I think this speaks to how popular HD fandom has been and still remains!

So everyone can see what I mean, I've organized this year's participants into a table sorted by the year they first published an HD fic or artwork, so far as I know*

[ profile] marysiakfic: The Marks We Bear (also on AO3)
[ profile] red_rahlart: His Guiding Light
[ profile] alisannefic: Up Against The Wall
[ profile] sugareeyfic: Hot and Heavy
[ profile] zeitgeisticfic: A Malfoy is Always Welcome
[ profile] femmequixoticfic: Gone Down The Angel On A Lonely Night for [ profile] hd_holidays
[ profile] isinuyashaart: untitled
[ profile] sdkshellyfic: Good Day To Be Alive for [ profile] hpvamp
[ profile] blamebramptonfic: An Act of Simple Devotion for [ profile] hd_holidays
[ profile] oceaxefic: What Best Friends Do
[ profile] oldenuf2nbfic: Anything for Charity
[ profile] sassy_cissafic: Three Little Words for [ profile] hds_beltane
[ profile] sesheta_66fic: Still Got It for [ profile] slashfest
[ profile] who_la_hoopfic: 101 Ways to Heal Your Wizarding Woes for [ profile] hd_holidays
[ profile] cassie_black12fic: The Wedding Planner
[ profile] harrysdeart: Fanart for Boys Don't Cry
[ profile] alafayefic: How A Catboy and a Hero Fell In Love
[ profile] firethesoundfic: A Tune for Every Occasion
[ profile] noeonfic: Voices From the Fog for [ profile] hp_summersmut
[ profile] xerisedfic: Fade
[ profile] anokabaart: Banner Art for [ profile] do_me_veela
[ profile] khalulufic: Seeing Draco Malfoy for [ profile] hd_smoochfest
[ profile] writcraftfic: Cruppy Love for [ profile] hd_fluff
[ profile] birdsofshorefic: Hairway to Heaven for [ profile] hd_fan_fair
[ profile] cylsusart: On a Winter's Eve for [ profile] hd_holidays
[ profile] fantasyfiend09fic: Chasing Dreams for [ profile] dracotops_harry
[ profile] lq_traintracksfic: Collision
[ profile] nerak_roseart: The Sound of a Little Hope for [ profile] hp_harlequin
[ profile] disapparaterfic: Found A Way
[ profile] dustmouthart: Sticky Fingers for [ profile] hd_smoochfest
[ profile] keeper_of_starsfic: We All Fall Apart for [ profile] hd_erised
[ profile] leontinabowiefic: Sing, for the Sea Belongs to Me for [ profile] dracotops_harry
[ profile] lyonessheartfic: Musings of a distracted mind
[ profile] nobunakiraart: Harry-Draco-Harry Again for [ profile] hd_smoochfest
[ profile] persephoneapplefic: New Year's Resolutions
[ profile] themightyflynnfic: Sanare
[ profile] 8cart: Book Buddies
[ profile] agentmoppetfic: Protection
[ profile] anemonenart: Just friends
[ profile] blithelybonnyfic: Mister Potter for [ profile] hpsolemnlysworn
[ profile] dicta_contrionfic: If Memory Serves for [ profile] hd_hurtfest
[ profile] huldrejentafic: Stories in E Minor for [ profile] hd_fan_fair
[ profile] lauren3210fic: Life is a Twice Written Scroll for [ profile] hd_smoochfest
[ profile] limedumplrart: untitled
[ profile] _melodic_fic: One Year of Winter for [ profile] hd_owlpost
[ profile] carpemermaidfic: It's all in the Technique
[ profile] fulseldenfic: Veela Romance and the Literary Marketplace for [ profile] do_me_veela
[ profile] mybutterflowerart: Drarry Kiss
[ profile] shiftylinguiniart: Hipster!Undercut!Man-bun!Draco
[ profile] apriicatart: Draco
[ profile] breath_of_minefic: Something stupid like I love you
[ profile] glittering_gitfic: Where You Lead for [ profile] hd_tropes
[ profile] kaioseafic: ??? for [ profile] hd_erised
[ profile] kittyaugustfic: Familia Est... for [ profile] hd_familyfest
[ profile] ravenclawsquillfic: Impervius for [ profile] hp_drizzle
[ profile] sugar_screwart: A Fine Predicament
[ profile] thistle_versefic: Late Bloomers for [ profile] dracotops_harry

*I tried really hard to get accurate data by stalking everyone's LJ and AO3 accounts, but I'm just one person and might have missed something, especially if your LJ is flocked or your early works were on a deleted archive somewhere. So if there are mistakes, just let me know and I'll fix them :)
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Oh man, [ profile] hd_erised continues to be the best HD fest of the year! The authors and artists all bring their A-game to this fest, making it so hard to narrow down the choices of which ones to rec. But I persevered, and bring you my favorite works of fic and art from HD-erised 2015 :)

Fic Recs:

favicon Solder by [ profile] oakstone730 ( NC-17 | 35,000 ) 29-Dec-2015
Summary: Seven years ago, Harry disappeared out of Draco and Scorpius's life without a trace after Harry's addictions destroyed his and Draco's marriage. Now, Harry’s back, and Draco wants to believe he’s changed. But Harry isn’t the only one haunted by the past.
Review... )

favicon Dear Uncle Plume by [ profile] eidheann_writes ( NC-17 | 16,500 ) 17-Dec-2015
Summary: Life after war is nothing like Draco expected. He only hopes he'll survive it. Especially when his friends are less than sympathetic.
Review... )

favicon Any Instrument by [ profile] dicta_contrion ( NC-17 | 130,000 ) 19-Dec-2015
Summary: Draco Malfoy wouldn't go back to England for anything less than an exceptional case. Being asked to figure out why Harry Potter can't control his magic might be exceptional enough to qualify.
Review... )

favicon The Deeper Symbolism Behind Golden Apples by [ profile] oldenuf2nb ( R | 26,700 ) 16-Dec-2015
Summary: When the Wizengamot insists Chief Auror Harry Potter pose for a statue for the Ministry Atrium, why are his friends reluctant to tell him who the sculptor is?
Review... )

favicon Incongruent by [ profile] agentmoppet ( NC-17 | 41,000 ) 28-Dec-2015
Summary: The war has left its mark on everyone. The Ministry, as usual, is only too happy to take advantage. But Harry won't let them destroy his home, no matter what he has to do to stop them. And no matter if a certain Draco Malfoy insists on getting him off track.
Review... )

favicon A Convenient Impracticality by [ profile] firethesound ( NC-17 | 38,000 ) 1-Dec-2015
Summary: Somehow Harry ends up agreeing to a fake relationship with his ex-nemesis-turned-friendly-acquaintance-with-benefits, except for some reason it involves an awful lot of actual dating and, sadly, not much sex. Confused? Harry is too, but when has anything with Draco Malfoy ever been as straightforward as it seems?
Review... )

favicon I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor by [ profile] birdsofshore ( NC-17 | 28,000 ) 18-Dec-2015
Summary: Harry felt lit up from inside as soon as he entered the bar. There were blokes dancing together, their bodies close to one another, not keeping a wary distance as Harry was always careful to do when he was near another man. God, he wanted this – wanted it so much he could taste it, a metallic tang of heat and desire. He suspected nothing would ever be the same again – especially when he saw who else was in the room.
Review... )

favicon The Destiny You Sold by [ profile] tryslora ( NC-17 | 59,000 ) 12-Dec-2015
Summary: In which Draco knits, Harry makes wands, and things get very tangled up between them.
Review... )

favicon Almost Like Song by [ profile] melusinahp ( NC-17 | 7,000 ) 16-Dec-2015
Summary: They were once lovers, but Harry hasn't seen Draco in years, so it's a bit of a shock when he appears to warn Harry about an upcoming Auror mission.
Review... )

favicon Dirty Talk on Christmas Morning by [ profile] amorette ( NC-17 | 1,700 ) 24-Dec-2015
Summary: Emotions run thick as the boys exchange gifts on their first Christmas morning together.
Review... )

Art Recs:

A Night At The Leaky Cauldron by [ profile] isinuyasha ( PG | Photoshop ) 10-Dec-2015
Summary: It took a while for Draco to notice that he didn't really mind that Potter kept dragging him along to these "cozy" after work get-togethers at the Leaky Cauldron.
This is so great. I love how the artist drew all of Harry and Draco's friends, and still kept the focus on the two of them. And the way Harry is leaning in to whisper to Draco just says so much about the closeness of their relationship. Everybody looks so great and the holiday lights in the background are so festive! Wonderful job all around :)
Snowy Snogfest by [ profile] mybutterflower (mitsouparker) ( PG | Digital Painting ) 25-Dec-2015
Summary: Draco & Harry are snogging in the snow after shopping in Hogsmeade.
This is absolutely stunning! I love how absorbed in each other they are (evidenced by the spilled candies!), and the lovely color scheme and soft-focus background. The contrast between Draco's hair and Harry's hair is perfect too, and the whole scene is so amazingly holiday appropriate. A gorgeous and beautiful piece of art!

Note: Authors and artists are still anonymous. Names will be added after the reveals!
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I recced this fic for hd-storyroom back when it first came out, and I knew immediately that it would be one of my all-time favorites. This fic is just about perfect, and I can't rec it enough :)

favicon Tea and No Sympathy by [ profile] who_la_hoop
Originally published December 23, 2014 on Livejournal as part of the [ profile] hd_erised fest

Rated: NC-17
Word Count: 70,000
Summary: It’s Potter’s fault, of course, that Draco finds himself trapped in the same twenty-four-hour period, repeating itself over and over again. It’s been nearly a year since the unpleasant business at Hogwarts, and Draco’s getting on with his life quite nicely, thank you, until Harry sodding Potter steps in and ruins it all, just like always. At first, though, the time loop seems liberating. For the first time in his life, he can do anything, say anything, be anything, without consequence. But the more Draco repeats the day, the more he realises the uncomfortable truth: he’s falling head over heels for the speccy git. And suddenly, the time loop feels like a trap. For how can he ever get Harry to love him back when time is, quite literally, against him?

Read more... )

banner by [ profile] capitu
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This year's [ profile] hd_erised fest has been terrific, with tons of great fics. I've tried to read as many as I could, though I haven't yet managed to read them all. Of those I have read, I'd rate these as the best:

Tea and No Sympathy by [ profile] who_la_hoop, NC-17, 70,000 words
Summary: It’s Potter’s fault, of course, that Draco finds himself trapped in the same twenty-four-hour period, repeating itself over and over again. It’s been nearly a year since the unpleasant business at Hogwarts, and Draco’s getting on with his life quite nicely, thank you, until Harry sodding Potter steps in and ruins it all, just like always. At first, though, the time loop seems liberating. For the first time in his life, he can do anything, say anything, be anything, without consequence. But the more Draco repeats the day, the more he realises the uncomfortable truth: he’s falling head over heels for the speccy git. And suddenly, the time loop feels like a trap. For how can he ever get Harry to love him back when time is, quite literally, against him?

This was so unbelievably brilliant! It's just so very clever and well crafted and a great character study of Draco. It's like Groundhog Day in that even though the same day keeps repeating over and over, it never actually feels repetitive, or only in ways that make for a better story. And oh, the ways the confessions and revelations come out are so delicious. The conversations all feel natural and right and the emotional investment just builds and builds. And omigod the legilimency scene...there are no words! So much love for this fic! (extended rec at hd-storyroom)
Not only is this my pic for the single best fic of the fest, but it's also one of the very best Drarry fics I've ever read!

Another Mask Behind You by [ profile] lettered, NC-17, 120,000 words
Summary: Draco is a high-end prostitute who hides his identity. Harry unknowingly hires him. And then there is porn, questions about identity, domestic bliss, more porn, and truth as seen through a web of lies. (And then more porn. Seriously, if you don’t want sex scene after sex scene you probably shouldn’t read this. And please read the warnings.)

The premise is fantastic. It's fascinating seeing how Draco viewed Potter in the beginning, versus how Harry really was; that Draco deluded himself consistently, over and over again. His resentment is reasonable given his treatment after the war, yet he's baffled by Potter and can't seem to figure it out. Until he does. And then we learn that Harry has his delusions too--how he thought the laws after the war made sense, and didn't understand how Draco could be a prostitute. And I loved that the story took the time to really delve into Draco's character and what shaped him and also to show how their relationship changed over time and even after Harry learned who Tristan/Draco was, how long it really took for him to trust Draco again. And all of this is illustrated through sex too, which is incredible. Wow. (extended rec at hd-storyroom)

(The Piece) I was Missing All Along by [ profile] lauren3210, NC-17, 31,000 words
Summary: Draco and Harry have been flatmates and best friends for years, and Draco thinks life is just perfect that way. But when something comes along and threatens to take all that away, Draco has to decide what it is he really wants, and just how hard he's going to work to get it.

Lovely. Super hot and emotional and a great story. I loved how well both of their characters were developed and how real their interactions and relationship felt. So happy that the start of their friendship in 8th year was shown too. Such witty writing, and Draco's heartfelt speeches at the end were terrific, as was the way the readers *knew* Harry was pining for Draco all this time even though it was Draco's POV. Well done.

Love Comes Tumbling by [ profile] taradiane, NC-17, 22,000 words
Summary: 'Harry's thoughts were of how much he would have done differently with Malfoy over the years, and of Dumbledore's final words to the other boy . . . "It is my mercy, and not yours, that matters now." Maybe, Harry wondered, he could find some mercy, too, and give Malfoy the second chance that Dumbledore had believed him worthy of.'

Very well written. I loved the scene where Draco admitted he was gay and couldn't be friends with Potter--it was so raw and real and full of anguish. And I felt that how Harry explained his confusion and epiphany about his orientation made so much sense too. The only thing I didn't like was how long it took Ron and Hermione to come around. They needed to see how much their disapproval was hurting Harry and get over it faster! But really, all the interactions between Harry and Draco were excellent and very realistic, and both their characters were beautifully drawn. Very very well done and lovely.

In Which Harry is Magnetic North and Draco Is An Idiot by [ profile] bryoneybrynn, PG-13, 13,500 words
Summary: For as long as he can remember, Draco’s been bringing fake dates to his family’s annual Yuletide celebration in order to evade his mother’s matchmaking. This year, Potter’s posing as his pretend boyfriend. But as the party gets underway, it gets unclear who’s playing who, who’s pretending what, who’s not pretending at all, and what the game really is. Confused? Yeah, so is Draco…

Charming and sweet. I liked Potter's depiction in this story--confident and competent without being over-the-top. Draco's obliviousness was cute, though maybe a little less credible. But I liked how even though there were misunderstandings, they weren't of the drawn-out to death cliche type, and they were able to talk to each other like adults. Lovely story.

in the electricity of your touch by [ profile] tryslora, NC-17, 25,000 words
Summary: After returning to Hogwarts after the war, Harry realizes he has nothing to do. There is nothing to chase, or to fight. Why, then does he feel as if there is something pricking under his skin? And why does it feel like he’s struck by lightning every time Draco Malfoy touches him? There’s only one explanation: Draco Malfoy is up to something, and Harry has to find out what it is and put a stop to it.

I'm a sucker for the ABO trope, and this was super hot and sexy and very fun. I liked that when Harry was hurt by thinking Draco wanted him as a brood mare that they talked about it like rational people and didn't go all cliche silent treatment. And I loved the dirty talk and the concept of soul mates and how it was done.


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